Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd.

Our Approach

Product Development & Consultancy

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NIRI has successfully developed and improved the performance of many products across many sectors.

Using our know-how and expertise we can assist companies to:

  • improve product performance,
  • draft and secure patentable IP,
  • reduce costs,
  • improve the consistency of product quality,
  • identify new sector business opportunities for existing products.

After an initial meeting, to understand your specific requirements, we prepare a full, no obligation, project proposal that contains defined deliverables and costs. This means you will know exactly what you will receive, when you will receive it and at what cost.

We have a 15 year proven record of success and over 80% of our consultancy projects originate from existing customers. Several customers have adopted our ‘Embedded Scientist’ model where one of our technical experts works closely within their R&D team on several projects.

With NIRI consultancy, the customer owns any new IP within their field.

Joint Ventures

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Where appropriate NIRI works in partnership with an organisation to develop new products. In cases such as these we jointly fund the development costs and/or seek external funding. When the technology is commercialised the resulting benefits are shared between the partners.

For Joint Ventures, the applicable Intellectual Property is shared between the partners.

Development & Licence Options

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NIRI has developed a number of its own patented technologies and we are always interested in working with commercialisation partners who are best placed to bring the concept to a particular market, normally under an exclusive Development & Licence Agreement.

For licence agreements, Intellectual Property control is licensed to the customer for a fee.

Please click here to read about NIRI Technologies.

Prototyping & Production

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Our highly experienced production team can assist customers in optimising production processing and overcoming technical challenges. NIRI has an extensive range of nonwoven pilot equipment, much of which operates to fully commercial specifications, enabling prototype fabrication, product enhancement and small-scale production with small volumes of material. Our versatility allows for production of material that fits in between very small pilot-scale trials and large-scale production, enabling evaluation for commercial scale-up without the costs associated with traditional commercial trials. NIRI has experience of developing medical products for stability trials and initial launch stock, and can operate to QC requirements, allowing validation studies to be conducted when required.

All work carried out on our pilot facility is conducted with full consideration given to ensure a smooth transfer to full production-line scale equipment. We have successfully up-scaled many products from our pilot facilities to full production.

Technical & Market Intelligence Training

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Our industry development training can cover all aspects of nonwovens, or be tailored to meet a customer's application-specific or sector-specific requirements. Attendees leave the training with a clearer understanding of nonwoven fundamental science, structure, products, processes, capabilities, new developments and commercial possibilities.

Training available includes:

  • Nonwovens in medical and healthcare
  • Nonwovens in filtration
  • Nonwovens in automotive and transport applications
  • Nonwovens in buildings & geosynthetics
  • Nonwovens in wipes
  • Nonwovens in absorbency
  • Nonwovens in personal protection and clothing

Training normally ranges from two to five days and can be tailored to your organisation’s exclusive requirements.