Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd.

Improving Nonwoven Product Performance

NIRI is a global leader in nonwoven engineering and product development, having successfully completed over 500 projects for over 200 companies. We help companies grow their business by:

  • Developing new products and intellectual property
  • Enhancing the performance of existing products
  • Reducing the cost of existing products
  • Identifying and evaluating new markets for existing products
  • Reducing the environmental impact of products
  • Resolving quality issues
  • Providing technical and market intelligence in nonwoven science and processes

We have extensive pilot facilities and a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory for fast tracking innovation. Furthermore, our team has a unique combination of scientific acumen with a wealth of commercial experience, which enables us deliver commercially viable products.

All of our work is conducted under the strictest confidentiality. So, if you would like to speak to someone from NIRI about product improvement and faster innovation, we would be delighted to schedule a call or a meeting at your convenience on a no obligation basis.